Salisbury Web Design

Jules Whale Life Coaching is a brand new business who was looking for a Salisbury web design company to build a new website and brand to help promote her business.

After initial meetings with Jules decided that she would put her trust in Webbedfeet UK to come up with a unique and modern responsive design with very little input from herself. She had an initial meeting with the designer and then gave us the green light.

Looking at the competition in the area the typical life coaching website seems to be a little dated so we wanted to do something different. The colour scheme is mainly blue and orange, blues promote trust, dependable and strength whilst orange is considered friendly, cheerful and confident. Both colours fit perfectly with Jules and what she is aiming to achieve in helping others.

The website is powered by Webbedfeet's very own Content Management System (CMS) which is fast, flexible, easy-to-use and most importantly secure. The main purpose for the CMS is so that Jules can make regular blog posts which are great for search engines as well as demonstrating what she does to her potential clients. The blog system will be the focus point of the website to help with search engine optimisation.

The result is a warm and friendly website which offers a very personal experience. An experience that her clients can relate to.

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