About You

Are you:

  • feeling lost or stuck in a bad place?
  • feeling inadequate & lacking self confidence?
  • struggling with forming or maintaining happy relationships?
  • bereft from the loss of a loved one?
  • struggling to feel the best about someone you’ve lost?
  • reeling from the break up of a relationship?
  • filled with self doubt?
  • drinking or eating unhelpfully?
  • feeling unable to go for that career move?
  • feeling angry & sad without any obvious reason?
  • listening to lots of random advice and choosing to ignore it?
  • struggling to work towards a goal?
  • not sleeping properly?
  • resenting other people's successes?
  • fearful of moving forwards
  • lonely 
  • at the end of counselling sessions feeling like you can’t move on? 


Isn’t it time to connect with what you really want and to take action? 



All you need to move forward: 

  •   Be willing to give it a go
  •   Want to change for yourself and people around you
  •   Care about yourself and people around you
  •   Be self-aware
  •   Committed to following the programme
  •   Adventurous in wanting to explore options
  •   Be eager to explore and align with your values
  •   Be open to positive suggestion
  •   Keep to appointments
  •   Trust yourself
  •   Have a desire to embrace change
  •   Want to move forwards


“Leave your comfort zone! You’ll make wonderful things happen when you get to know your discomfort zone.” 


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