So you've woken up this morning 10lbs heavier than when you went to bed? There is a huge pimple on your nose and those smile lines have turned into deep furrows. You have a presentation to make and your content won't stand up. What were you thinking when you wrote it? Oh, and you've nothing to wear either, so today is going to be a total disaster! 

Last night, just before you went to sleep, you were feeling pretty confident about today. OK, so you're carrying an extra pound or two and you have skin that is prone to breakouts. Your presentation was good enough and you were going to be wearing that old favourite.

All you did was go to sleep, so what the heck happened? What negative forces were at work while you were sleeping? 

We have a small part at the base of the brain which acts as a filter. This filter works around the clock, making sure we only take on board the stuff we need to. Very simply, it is our RAS, Reticular Activating System, or focus filter. its purpose is enable us to focus our concentration on things which are important to us at that time. 

There is, however, a potential glitch in this brilliant piece of kit. You are in charge of the focus and you decide what is important at the time. You are the giver of the messages to your focus filter, and what you say goes! 


  • Imagine you're in a packed concert arena and you drop your wristwatch on the ground. 

You will zone out of everything else for that moment as you search for your watch. Everything else will become a blur. The music will fade out, people around you will blend into one and your concentration will be sharpened up ready for the search. 

  • You have a shiny new car 

First trip out. How come there are so many of these on the road? Everyone else seems to have the same model as you.

  • Playing that childhood game of counting and later recalling the blue buttons in a dish.

Darn it, why can't you remember how many yellow items there were too? 

  • You try and pass on a famous actors name to your friend, only to get further away from it, the harder you try.

You're dozing in your bed and suddenly you remember the name. Never mind that the moment has passed! 

  • You believe that you can't do something, you're not good enough, clever enough, slim enough, attractive enough, successful enough, confident enough.........................

Whether you are counting and recalling coloured buttons in a dish or deciding that you aren't successful enough, your focus filter is doing exactly the same job! It is gathering every bit of evidence to support your reality of the world. 

It is reassuring to know that just by switching your thoughts from negative you can unclog your focus filter!

"If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced." Vincent Willem van Goch


  • Think back to a time when you felt totally at the top of your game. Trust what comes to you first. Close your eyes and associate into the picture. 
  • What can you see?
  • What can you hear?
  • Can you feel anything? 
  • You may have a smell or a taste that comes to you. 

As you are immersed in this magical moment, concentrate on all of the sensory stuff going on and how wonderful you feel. When you are ready open your eyes and come back into the room. Well done! You have taken the first step to unclog your focus filter. There was no room for negative thoughts or bad feelings, was there?

"If you're looking for difficulties, you'll always find them. If you ask the question, "What can go wrong?" then something probably will. On the other hand. if you're asking the question,"What works?" then you can find it and, in this case, I did." Richard Bandler  Get The Life You Want The Secrets to Quick & Lasting Life Change


If you'd like to explore more about how NLP Master Coaching can help you unclog your focus filter, get in touch.


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