Sitting alone in a Mallorcan hotel bar, sipping on a gin and tonic presented an impromptu moment to do a life audit. 

My late husband had passed away after a long illness, leaving me a whopping £100,000 in debt and I had taken a couple of weeks out of a busy career to think about what I was going to do next. 

Writing can be cathartic and so it seemed a good idea to write a pros and cons list about my life. The tattered jotter in my bag would do nicely for this. 

Grabbing a pen from the bar, I started to write. Slowly at first and almost apologetically for some of my more resentful thoughts.

As the words flowed, I realised that my pros list was completely dwarfed by the cons. I can honestly say that I have never felt so resentful or so utterly lonely in my life. 

What I didn't realise then, was that this cons list represented a near perfect template for the wonderful Time Line Therapy™️! All of these negatives emotions crashing around in your head is enough to bring anyone down. 


  • Anger - As my mind drifted back over what I’d put up with in life, I felt absolutely furious with myself. Despite working so hard and paying bills on time, the debts were there in black and white. 
  • Sadness - The memories of my late husband's final moments on earth engulfed me in a wave of misery. I felt despair too that I had never managed to create a normal life.
  • Fear - Thinking back to events when I was absolutely terrified were, even now, making me quake. Fear of the future as a widow, deeply in debt, made me break out in a cold sweat. 
  • Hurt - My loyalty to my late husband had been continually exploited. I was also carrying a bag of hurt around the lack of support I felt I'd had from other people. Disappointment in fellow humans was a daily occurrence in my world!
  • Guilt - Despite all of the negative stuff I felt I'd endured, I still felt an unbearable amount of guilt. Guilt that my children had grown up with so much chaos in their lives. Guilt that the man I’d known from childhood had suffered mental illness and chronic addiction without me being able to sort it out. 
  • Self belief - It goes without saying that all of the above will absolutely trash your sense of self belief. Mine was royally trashed! In fact, I believed that I had nothing to look forward to apart from a heap of debt and loneliness. In short I was a failure. 

Opening my mind to letting go of negative emotions was the turning point in my life! Discovering NLP Time Line Therapy was the best gift I ever gave to myself. 

Time Line Therapy®️is probably the most powerful yet gentle of all NLP techniques. It combines a perfect blend of a calm hypnotic approach with guided questions to bring about a complete mindset change. 




  • How have your negative emotions got in the way of your life?  

  • How much do you want to be free of unwarranted ANGER SADNESS FEAR HURT AND GUILT? 

  • What would it mean for you to ditch all of those crushing beliefs which are holding you back?

  • How quickly do you want you can get rid of negative stuff you’ve collected throughout your life?

12 years on from that pivotal moment, I have completely turned my life around. As a Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy®️I will guide you gently along your Time Line and out into the future you want to create.


Jules x



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Client testimonials

  • Thankfully I came across Jules online, her techniques and style really suited my personality. I didn’t want airy fairy; I needed what I have now discovered to be NLP. I needed structure to a cognitive thinking process and an understanding of how to properly analyse my feelings and what to do about them.

  • Jules is a true expert in her work. My engagement with Jules was a life changing experience and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

  • My feet have not touched the ground! Really want to say a MASSIVE thank you as my breakthrough day really was just that - even if I got off to a shaky start in the weeks afterwards - It’s Amazing!

    Thanks to you I had direction and clarity on my values when I really needed it the most and a pocket champion ?