Do you want some good news? Well, if you are a medic, or know a medic, we have some great news! 

In fact, Sam and I are so confident that you will have a life changing blast of a weekend that we've gone ahead and booked us a castle!

We have chosen the fabulous Bickleigh Castle ( in Devon to host what will be an extraordinary weekend of guided self discovery and learning. When we say extraordinary, we mean extraordinary!


As you check in on Friday evening, you will be parking the stresses and strains associated with your professional life. 

By the time you check out on Sunday, you will have enjoyed a full itinerary including:

  • How to make self sabotage a thing of the past
  • How to get rid of your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts 
  • How to train yourself to see opportunities around you
  • How to tune your inner voice to become more cheerleader than critic

If you are in need of our treat of a retreat, or perhaps you know a medic who is sorely in need of this, get your place booked now! 

PS You’ll have your own room, a fabulous full board menu, and a 1:1 follow on taster coaching session, included in the package. 

If you're not a medic, please don't feel left out.These weekends will be hosted again for other professional sectors. Follow me for more news.


Jules & Sam x

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Bespoke life coach sessions

A bespoke session dedicated to enabling you to start challenging the negatives in your head. Where do they come from and do you want to keep them?

Life coach sessions

Breakthrough retreat day

A day where you will break through everything standing in the way of you enjoying your life.

You deserve this, don’t you?

Breakthrough day

Stress management package

Ongoing sessions booked to suit your needs and your diary. How would it feel to have your own coaching partner to help you navigate through life’s stress? 

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Client testimonials

  • At 59 my life is being transformed in ways I never thought possible. Jules is able to get to the very soul of you with an incredible intuitiveness, sense of humour, warmth and positivity, thus enabling you to take on the world and enjoy it at the same time. I don’t think Jules realises how much she helps people see that anything is possible!”

    N. H.
  • Jules used NLP to help me redefine the challenge at hand and gain more insight. I was able to break down who I am into different selves and reflect on how these relate to my overall goals and next steps.

    Michael C
  • Thankfully I came across Jules online, her techniques and style really suited my personality. I didn’t want airy fairy; I needed what I have now discovered to be NLP. I needed structure to a cognitive thinking process and an understanding of how to properly analyse my feelings and what to do about them.