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Why choose me?

In 2017 I left my nice safe high salaried career of over 22 years. I had seemingly ‘made it’ and enjoyed the trappings of success that my career had brought. I was Head of Sales in a highly reputable retail bakery, leading a large team across three counties. I was qualified to post graduate business management level and managed the personnel issues with the team too. All was good except for one thing and it was this thing that drove me forward.

I had become trapped by these trappings and was slowly running out of steam. Inspiration had left me and I knew that I just needed to stop the proverbial wheel from turning and get off. I had enjoyed driving a sales team forward and always prided myself on getting results. The trouble is that when the results are leaving you feeling less than satisfied it is probably a good time for a review of what it is that gives you contentment and peace. When life gets tough and you are still trying to run on overdrive to achieve results, something has to give.

My late husband had died in 2010 and throughout the years of his illness, I was still working gruelling hours. I somehow felt that working and achieving results would distract me somewhat from the dark reality that nothing I did would stop the inevitable from happening. Some days towards the end of his life, I was splitting my time entirely between the hospice and work. I was unable to communicate with him about the strain I was under as I felt it would be unfair to burden him with this too. Our previously turbulent relationship became eerily calm as I kept all of my true concerns, emotions and resentment to myself. This no doubt eased things for him but left me so stressed that I used to drive out alone into the blackest of nights and sit in a layby listening to music as full volume.

I  was surrounded by family, friends, work colleagues and a fabulous bunch of doctors, nurses and palliative care workers, yet I felt completely and utterly alone and lonely. 

On many occasions my mind was racing so fast that I felt it would explode. I was suffering from insomnia and getting through each day on autopilot. My skin was a mess as my acne rosacea flared up under stress. I ate so much rubbish for comfort that I was very overweight.  I needed to slow down and think clearly. I needed to sleep and I needed to breathe.

I searched for help in coping with my feelings of despair and was disappointed to find that although counselling offered me an opportunity to discuss my feelings, it gave me no hope for my future. Each session took me right back into the pit of the problem I was then left trying to climb out of the depths of despair only to be plunged in again during the next session. 

I thankfully then discovered NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming and everything became crystal clear. This was a real opportunity to look at how we can unravel our problems, however complicated they may be and deal with them effectively. Things which have bothered us for many years can be unravelled sometimes incredibly fast. This is especially pertinent when we have experienced a bereavement and may be struggling to rebuild ourselves.

I realised that I had found the answers I had craved in order to be able to build a fulfilled life after my loss. 


"I needed to slow down and think clearly. I needed to sleep and I needed to breathe." - Jules Whale

I am now a fully accredited life coach, NLP practitioner and relaxation hypnotherapist. I can help you to take control over your own life and to make your own helpful choices. My life and professional experience is vast and varied and if you are looking for help with finding your inner voice we will find it together.  

I work to a pace which suits each client individually. We may walk as we talk to gain a fresh perspective on things. I will help you to find your own journey to peace and tranquillity and I will get you in control over the things you wish to change.  

 Giving support to clients who wish to gain balance and perspective is my life's work now and I want to share this.

The choices I help you to find really will become your choices and you will learn how to move on with your life and live it to the full. 

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