About me

Hi, I'm Jules Whale

I smiled my way through life, until I couldn't do it any more. I made the decision to rewrite my tomorrow and YOU can do the same! 

  • addiction
  • unhelpful eating
  • abusive relationship
  • chronic debt
  • long term caring for partner
  • OCD 
  • loss & bereavement 
  • PTSD
  • lack of confidence
  • poor self image
  • zero self worth
  • stress & anxiety
  • work stress

Most of us have stuff getting in the way of enjoying a good life. We put on a brave face and smile our way through. 

If your stuff is feeling a little on the heavy side, let's see what we can to lighten the load! 


More about me
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About you

How I can help you!

An accredited Master Practitioner in NLP, Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Time Line TherapyOfferi Personal Coaching 


More about you
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Success stories

"I have my life back! The Breakthrough Day has been life changing for me and if this helps anyone out there with what seems like an insurmountable situation that is overwhelming their life, I strongly recommend they consider using Jules for a Breakthrough Day"


"Jules is a true expert in her work. My engagement with Jules was a life changing experience and I cannot recommend her highly enough"


"At 59 my life is being transformed in ways I never thought possible. Jules is able to get to the very soul of you with an incredible intuitiveness, sense of humour, warmth and positivity, thus enabling you to take on the world and enjoy it at the same time. I don’t think Jules realises how much she helps people see that anything is possible!"

N. H. 


“The day was intense,yet the space where you stay is beautiful and restorative. Since seeing Jules, I’ve had so many realizations, broken so many familial patterns of thinking, and I’ve had some impactful (and overdue!) conversations.”



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Life coaching accreditations

  • Abnlp master coach logo.
  • Abnlp nlp master practitioner logo.
  • Timeline therapy master practiitoner logo.
  • The american board of hypnotherapy logo.
  • Accph senior member logo.
  • Hypno band weight loss system licensed practitioner.