Stress management package

  • Is your stress getting in the way of everyday life?
  • Are you suffering from a lack of sleep?
  • Do you struggle with decision making? 
  • Is your inability to concentrate affecting your work? 
  • Are you reliant on unhelpful coping habits, such as alcohol?
  • Do you have relationship issues, either personal or at work?
  • Do you suffer from poor body image?
  • Have you ever said “I hate myself”?

What's included

Stress management package

  • Free 30 minute telephone consultation 
  • Pre day contact and programme creation
  • Private one to one coaching sessions 
  • In person or online sessions to suit your diary
  • Minimum of 2 sessions per month 
  • Additional telephone 
  • Accountability reviews throughout
  • Ongoing supported goal setting 
  • Your investment from 475 per month 
Get in touch

Breakthrough day

  • Free 30 minute telephone consultation
  • Pre day contact and programme creation
  • Full day coaching with NLP and hypnotherapy
  • Lunch & light refreshment
  • Overnight stay (optional)
  • Post day programme and outcome review
  • Follow on coaching at preferential rates
Breakthrough retreat day

Bespoke life coach session

  • Free 30 minute telephone consultation 
  • Minimum of one hour private one to one coaching
  • in person or online session to suit your diary
  • Can be stacked to create your breakthrough day over a longer period of time
  • Post day programme and outcome review
Bespoke sessions

Client testimonials

  • Thankfully I came across Jules online, her techniques and style really suited my personality. I didn’t want airy fairy; I needed what I have now discovered to be NLP. I needed structure to a cognitive thinking process and an understanding of how to properly analyse my feelings and what to do about them.

  • My feet have not touched the ground! Really want to say a MASSIVE thank you as my breakthrough day really was just that - even if I got off to a shaky start in the weeks afterwards - It’s Amazing!

    Thanks to you I had direction and clarity on my values when I really needed it the most and a pocket champion ?

  • I have my life back! The Breakthrough Day has been life changing for me and if this helps anyone out there with what seems like an insurmountable situation that is overwhelming their life, I strongly recommend they consider using Jules for a Breakthrough Day.