What we’re going to achieve

We will have spoken before your breakthrough day to calibrate my offering with your needs and you will have submitted your personal life history. This pre day contact allows me to prioritise the focus on the most beneficial programme for you and put you at ease. When you arrive at my beautiful space, we will talk over tea or coffee as you relax into the day ahead.

  • 9.00 check in and begin your breakthrough retreat day 
  • Firstly we will talk through your personal history to highlight behavioural patterns, including those you want to keep and those you’d rather ditch. As with all of my sessions, we do not hurry this and you will have all the time you need to focus on YOU. 
  • Coffee time
  • We move onto exploring what you value in life, what is really important to you. This will give you a solid foundation for all of your subsequent decision making. It truly is life affirming stuff! 
  • Next we will look at ditching what you don’t like about yourself for how you’d like to be. How do you see yourself v how do you want to see yourself?
  • Lunch time 
  • Time Line Therapy comes next as you really will breakthrough all of the stuff holding you back. We will parachute you into the most effective way to change your mindset once and for all. 
  • We bring together all of the goodness from your day as you enjoy a wonderful hypnosis session to relax, recharge and recalibrate your mind and body. 
  • With all of your neural pathways cleansed and reset, you can lay back and listen to some music as you drift wherever your mind takes you. 
  • If you have booked to stay overnight in my beautiful space, the evening is yours to enjoy as you wish. 
  • 10.00am check out and start living your new life! 

Without exception, clients tell me they feel lighter and so refreshed after their breakthrough retreat day!

What's included

Breakthrough retreat day

  • Breakthrough Retreat Day
  • Pre Breakthrough Retreat Day contact and programme creation
  • Full day coaching with NLP and hypnotherapy
  • Lunch & light refreshments
  • Overnight stay (optional)
  • Post day programme and outcome review
  • Discounted follow on *coaching sessions
  • Your investment 1500
Book your day

Bespoke life coach sessions

  • Bespoke Session Financial Investment
  • Minimum of one hour coaching in person or online
  • Can be stacked to create your breakthrough day over a longer period of time
  • Pre day contact and programme creation
  • Post day programme and outcome review
Life coach session

Stress management package


Talk to me about ongoing coaching package for effective stress management. 

  • Anxiety
  • Low mood
  • Indecision
  • Forgetfulness
  • Fatigue
  • Sleeplessness
  • Unhelpful eating, alcohol or recreation drug use
  • Not enjoying intimacy with a partner 



Stress management

Client testimonials

  • My feet have not touched the ground! Really want to say a MASSIVE thank you as my breakthrough day really was just that - even if I got off to a shaky start in the weeks afterwards - It’s Amazing!

    Thanks to you I had direction and clarity on my values when I really needed it the most and a pocket champion ?

  • Jules is a true expert in her work. My engagement with Jules was a life changing experience and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

  • Thankfully I came across Jules online, her techniques and style really suited my personality. I didn’t want airy fairy; I needed what I have now discovered to be NLP. I needed structure to a cognitive thinking process and an understanding of how to properly analyse my feelings and what to do about them.