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Transformation Breakthrough Day 

This is a premium day dedicated to unpacking, editing and repacking your unique blueprint for life. It is the go to solution for busy clients whose anxieties have built up behind the scenes of every day life. You may appear to be functioning normally and everything seems in order to the outside world. As the inner turbulence grows it will begin interfering with your thoughts. You will adopt new strategies to cope with the debilitating side effects, such as avoiding social situations. You may find that your previous self confidence and decision making is impaired and that your career is being affected. When those close to you start to notice changes in your behaviour it is often a sign that you are mentally in poor shape. 

There is a rapid effective solution, perfect for investing in yourself for one day. This one day will literally transform and breakthrough your deepest concerns and give you all the clarity you need to move forwards. 

The Transformation Breakthrough Day is as one client said like "unpacking an old suitcase, ditching all the damaged stuff, keeping the good stuff, adding exciting new stuff and starting out on an adventure full of possibilities"  

The morning is spent exploring and repairing anything and everything which is hampering you from moving forward. A decent lunch will give time for relaxation and reflection. The afternoon is a journey of discovering possibilities which you may not previously have dared to think about. We finish the day with some inner healing, coaching and goal setting for your newly discovered future.

* The choice of venue is mutually agreed 

* I can travel to wherever you want your day

* Lunch & light refreshment is provided

* I use a bespoke mix of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy™

* Coaching for your future goals

* Follow up courtesy call to see how things have settled

* Follow on bespoke coaching plans by further agreement  

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Where you can enjoy that relaxing, dreamy feeling, somewhere between sleep and wakening. We use this place to give you the best experience of exploring and repairing things which you may find uncomfortable in a fully awake state. I create a safe, calming place in your mind and you are in control throughout. I have clients who come back to shut out the world just for a while and work through their personal issues while being totally relaxed. 


Neuro Linguistic Programming 

We use NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming to help you create your future filled with desirable, achievable outcomes. This we do, by discovering and addressing the root cause of any limiting beliefs and decisions holding you back. We explore how you make sense of the world around you, how you prefer to organise your own mental map through language, feelings and behaviour. Communicating through your subconscious preferences will help you learn how to achieve things you may previously have thought impossible. This is incredibly powerful and offers rapid change for even the most longstanding negative thoughts and behaviours. Your belief in your ability will grow beyond your wildest dreams. 


Time Line Therapy™

Time Line Therapy™ is a powerfully effective and rapid process helping you to let go of all limiting emotions and limiting decisions. You will then be free to move on and create the future you want. You will be in a relaxed state as I guide you through this enlightening journey of discovery. Time Line Therapy™ will help you to define and achieve life goals whether these are career goals or affairs of the heart and health.   episode 31 

Personal Coaching 

My personal coaching sessions are designed to stretch your thinking and facilitate change. We explore where you are now, how you got here and where you would like to go. You may be feeling dissatisfied with life and living in a blame culture. "Its not my fault I get overlooked at work" "I always meet the wrong people" "Nothing ever goes right for me" 

Sometimes there will be deep rooted fears to address but that's ok! We will quickly dig them out and build new positive thinking. 

Working with me will give you the tools you need to step up and take control of your life. You will grow in confidence and be able to make positive life changing decisions.

I use a mix of neuro linguistic programming (nlp) and hypnosis where appropriate to give the best possible outcome to each session. 



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 “Life is a treasure hunt and we all have the key to it. Unfortunately, many of us don’t unlock it but take the key to our grave.” - Anon