Life Coaching

You may have reached a crossroads in your life and need to think clearly about which direction you should choose. It may seem that you are acting out your career but with little satisfaction in your quest for self-actualisation. Bosses can seem to be obstructive and make your working life difficult. Relationship issues are usually really painful and can leave you with a damaged sense of self worth. The way forward may be cloudy and leave you full of doubts about your own capabilities. If you have not recognised the warning signs and start heading for burn out, the feelings you have will be very real and very frightening. In extreme cases you could become incapable of making even simple decisions. You may find that you are sometimes too exhausted to get out of bed and that you are eating and drinking too much. Your body can feel heavy and sluggish and some people have real pain. 

I will help you first to relax and to start breathing properly again. This is a totally safe natural remedy for anxiety and I can teach you how to use your breathing to create peace and calm. Teaching you how to sleep is the next step and this is a really valuable tool for you to have. You will learn how to clear your mind of clutter and look at a more positive future.  We will explore options and possibilities and you will be able to make headway with those life choices that you wish for. You will learn to take a situation and rotate it until you can see ahead more clearly. I will show you how to explore your dreams without any boundaries and help you to make decisions which will have a positive impact on your life. This is a therapeutic process which is both challenging and enjoyable. A truly rewarding, liberating and mindful experience tailored specifically to your requirements and led by you with me as your personal facilitator.

Relaxation Hypnosis

Relaxation hypnosis enables us to get you into a place of total relaxation so that we can work together on your subconscious mind, this private place belonging only to you, where your beliefs and values are stored. These beliefs (things you believe about the world to be true) which if put under stress in an unhelpful way can upset your mental balance. Events in your (near or distant) past can bash about your beliefs and knock your values (things you hold to be important to you).

These unhelpful thoughts can be challenged by you in a safe comfortable environment by unlocking them and working through them in a safe relaxed comfortable state of mind. Relaxation hypnosis will help us to access this place and allow us to talk to your subconscious mind about the things which are troubling you. You will feel rested, calm and peaceful as you drift into that state of mind somewhere between waking and sleep. A familiar sensation to being in relaxation hypnosis is when you have driven for miles safely and in the right direction while daydreaming the miles away. You will be fully in control of your actions and unlike stage hypnosis you will not be performing in front of anyone! You will not be made to say anything or do anything that you are not fully aware of and you are in control at all times. You certainly will not be made to cluck like a chicken or anything else for that matter! Relaxation hypnosis is an integral part of my therapy work and is particularly useful for helping to overcome so many issues such as insomnia, fears, phobias and negativity from the past which may need to be put to bed. It  is proven to be a really useful natural remedy for anxiety too. A thoroughly calming and restful experience which is so effective that in certain parts of the world is used today as an anaesthetic. Something which is so powerful and effective in so many ways but gentle enough to allow you to get on with the rest of your day at the end of each session.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming will help clients to identify where and when their self limiting blocks came from.This is a simple process where we use various techniques to enable you to explore your dreams and goals without limitations. 

You will explore the possibilities of your true potential and goals and then we will work together to help you demolish the negative thoughts which prevent you from achieving them. You may be not sleeping properly, not eating properly and heading towards burn out. You may be feeling inadequate and anxious, fearful of being found out as not being good enough, otherwise known as impostor syndrome. You may have reached burn out stage which is both very real and frightening. NLP will help you to look at every possibility you want to achieve and more. You will learn to change the way you see things and you will be amazed at the positive results you can achieve. A thought provoking positive and enlightening journey with the added benefit of being a safe natural remedy for anxiety in which I will help you to shape the very best version of you.

 “Life is a treasure hunt and we all have the key to it. Unfortunately, many of us don’t unlock it but take the key to our grave.” - Anon