Free initial consultation

Free 30 (minimum) minutes telephone, WhatsApp, Skype, Facetime consultation.

We will get to know more about each other in your free initial telephone consultation and from there decide which, if any of my packages are suited to your needs. If we decide to go ahead I will bespoke tailor each session to fit your personal requirements.

During each session we will explore the best way forward to help you to get control over the areas of life which are causing your anxiety.

Where appropriate I use relaxation techniques and a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP for a truly dynamic approach to getting the results you've been wishing for. 



Tranquillity, Rebalance for Carers & Bereavement Coaching 

When someone close to you is diagnosed with a long term or terminal illness your life will change forever. If you were in a difficult relationship with the person beforehand, the emotional impact can be enormous. Feelings of guilt, shame and resentment all swirl around in your head and you feel alone, even in a crowd. Feelings of being trapped and stuck will eat away at your self confidence and you may reach out for medication, unhelpful eating, smoking or alcohol to try and alleviate your low mood. Anxiety grows and it’s symptoms will make you feel even worse as everything seems to spiral out of your control.

The available forums for discussing bereavement or caring are usually places where other people seem to be in a serene mourning place. These are useful for some people and certainly not to be dismissed as unhelpful. However if you wish to talk freely about your own warts and all experience then I am here to help. 

A combination of therapeutic talking and mindful thinking will help you to start to unravel these debilitating feelings. I offer relaxation hypnotherapy and NLP where appropriate to enable you to experience some calmness in your world. You will be free to express whatever emotion you wish and say what you think without constraint or judgement. 

My coaching offers you the opportunity to move forward with your life, rebuild damaged self esteem and feel at one with yourself. 

We can walk outside if you choose to experience the calmness and perspective that nature provides while working through your worries.




Rapid change package

This package is aimed at helping with panic attacks, low self- esteem, lack of self-confidence, anxiety, performance management, driving or exam nerves and insomnia. I use a combination of therapeutic talking, relaxation hypnosis, NLP and breathing techniques to get you back in control of your life.


Breakthrough package

I offer a breakthrough package which is bespoke tailored to suit your needs. This intensive and therapeutic session gives you an opportunity to work with me to blast away layers of hang-ups and limiting beliefs. I use a combination of NLP techniques, Time Line as well as relaxation hypnosis and therapeutic talking.
Imagine years of mental turmoil and self limiting beliefs being melted away in a day?  

Lunch can be arranged.  

Stress management package

I use these sessions to helping to address and overcome feelings of helplessness which occur when rising stress levels affect our ability to function effectively. This therapy is particularly useful for when you are feeling confused about what to do next, heading for burn out and feel you can no longer function effectively. Impostor syndrome can kick in to make you question your own being. This is a very real and very frightening place to be and mentally very exhausting. You may be struggling with acute anxiety, not be sleeping or eating properly and may be on tranquilising medication. We will work through the things which trouble you and using a combination of relaxation hypnotherapy and NLP where appropriate we will get you back in control. You cannot change things which have happened but with my help you will be fully able to change the way you see them. 


Personal life coaching

Face to face personal coaching with additional telephone calls, email and Skype or Facetime calls. This package is particularly suited to you if you are looking for personal development and career advancement. It can be used to support you if you are on a weight loss journey and wish to improve your health and mental welfare. You may be coming to a crossroads or nearing the end of a relationship with work or in your personal life. I offer coaching for clients who are stuck for whatever reason in a miserable place. I will help you to work through your own options in a structured way and help you find how you will achieve the best outcome for yourself. We may use therapeutic talking and NLP to help remove limiting beliefs you have which are blocking your path ahead.

We can meet and walk as we work through the programme as this helps with maintaining perspective and is very therapeutic too.



I offer bespoke tailored packages with a promise to give each client my best care. We will discuss fees during our first free telephone consultation.  


For payment details, please see terms & conditions for more information.