About You

Are you:

* feeling lost or stuck in a bad place?

* feeling inadequate & lacking self confidence?

* struggling with forming or maintaining happy relationships?

* bereft from the loss of a loved one?

* reeling from the break up of a relationship?

* filled with self doubt?

* drinking or eating unhelpfully?

* feeling unable to go for that career move?

* feeling angry & sad without any obvious reason?

* listening to lots of random advice?

* struggling to work towards a goal?

*.not sleeping properly?

* resenting other people's successes?

* fearful of moving forwards

* lonely 


“Man is not worried by real problems so much as by his imagined anxieties about real problems” - Epictetus



All you need to move forward: 

* Being willing to give it a go

* Wanting to change for yourself and people around you

* Caring about yourself and people around you

* Being self-aware

* Committed to following the programme

* Adventurous in wanting to explore options

* Be willing to explore your values

* Open to positive suggestion

* Keep to appointments

* Trust yourself

* Desire to embrace change

* Want to move forwards





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