"in all honesty was a bit skeptical"

In Testimonial, posted Nov 19, 2018

I am a successful news and media guy with a couple of television series to my name. My life style is probably envied by some and outwardly I have bags of confidence. However after suffering for many years from a condition which severely affected my daily life, I decided the time had come to try and deal with it once and for all. 

I was stuck in a place mentally which prevented me from eating properly. This does not sound too serious but believe me it really limited my family, social and business life. I had heard about Jules at Jules Whale Life Coaching and I decided to reach out to her for help. I forgot to mention that I am based in California so it was a case of arranging face to face with her and WhatsApp follow ups. 

Being completely new to NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming I really didn't know what to expect and in all honesty was a bit skeptical-but needed to do something.

After just a few sessions I had a good understanding of the how and why I had been feeling and acting the way I did. I learned techniques which I can now use in a variety of different situations. I have had a few internet catch ups to reinforce my new freedom of thought and can honestly say I feel unstuck now.

Simply life changing!

Los Angeles