You May Be Thinking "I Need to Talk to a Therapist"

In News, posted Oct 8, 2018

Soothing mood music plays as the lights are dimmed and the massage therapist begins to apply pressure to various parts of the body. Your mind is drifting off in all directions and time seems to fly past as you lay thinking all sorts of random thoughts. For those of us who have enjoyed a massage, we trust that it is a useful technique for relaxing the body. Yes, there may be hot stones or essential oils involved but the actual massage is pretty much a standard and enjoyable experience.

Imagine for a moment that the part of the body which really needs relaxing is the mind. You may be sitting there full of worry, anxiety and stress thinking "I need to talk to a therapist." I like to think of my talking therapy sessions as mind massage.This talking therapy is what I practice and it encourages my clients to really open up in a safe private environment and work through those things which are troubling them. My voice is my tool for relaxing the mind without any physical contact being necessary. I will talk to my clients until they are completely relaxed using just my voice to calm any anxiety they are experiencing. 

OK so you've thought "I need to talk to a therapist." How do we now get you to that lovely place deep in your mind where you are thinking those random thoughts and able to address those thoughts and positively heal any unhelpful ones?  As a trained hypnotherapist I help my clients to relax into their own private mind space. They enjoy the experience of sitting comfortably and possibly listening to some chill out music quietly playing in the background, while I talk to them.This private resourceful place where they can feel free to address any thoughts that they have is buried deep in side of everyone.

I will then help my client to work through things which are troubling them while they are in this dreamy peaceful and calm state of mind.This  experience is so powerful for helping to heal clients who come to me with beliefs about themselves which are not helpful. We can work through these thoughts together to demolish the negatives and build or simply rebuild the positives.    

I'd like to take this opportunity to shine a light on the practice of hypnotherapy and to explain really how simply it is carried out and why it is so effective. In doing so I hope I can dispel some of the myths and mystery surrounding the hypnosis itself.

The hypnotherapist will not put you under! The hypnotherapist will not put you anywhere at all! The hypnotherapist will simply help you to relax yourself into that calm peaceful dream like state we call hypnosis. 

The hypnotherapist will not make you cluck like a chicken , quack like a duck or eat a raw onion thinking its an apple! The hypnotherapist will not make you do anything at all! You are and will remain in complete control of your thoughts and actions throughout the entire session.

The hypnotherapist will not hold you under any influence! The hypnotherapist will not hold you under anything at all! The hypnotherapist will merely talk to you in a calm tone and help you to address your inner most thoughts. 

The hypnotherapist knows how to talk to the subconscious mind and can help the client to demolish self limiting beliefs, such as not being good enough or being too anxious to try new things. This is particularly helpful for those people wanting career progression or feeling stuck in a relationship rut. 

 The hypnotherapist can help the client to freely express negative thoughts they may be experiencing about loved ones who have passed away or who are being cared for long term. The stress of bottling up our true feelings can build into a pressure point where there doesn't seem to be any respite. Being free to express these unhelpful thoughts without guilt brings deep relief.

The hypnotherapist is not a magical or mysterious mind reader! Any hypnotherapist blessed with these skills would probably not content themselves with helping people to find inner peace and calm. 

The client will not be lured into involuntary trance! The client will have to want the hypnotherapist to give them this relaxing experience. Back to the body massage.... imagine standing rigid by the masseuse' door and challenging them to relax your muscles! It simply would not work.

There are no pendulums or pocket watches swinging in front of your eyes! There is nothing swinging at all, unless the client chooses swinging music for their relaxation!

You will not be stuck in a trance! When your session is ending, you will be fully awake, comfortable and able to go safely about the rest of your day. 

You will not be laid out rigid on a leather bed! I prefer to use a comfortable chair with a footstool. I like my clients to sit comfortably and be feeling at all times completely in control of their session. 

So if you are thinking "I need to talk to a therapist" and you think you may like a mind massage talking therapy session then contact me and l will get the music softly playing ready.

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