Elizabeth's Transformational Breakthrough Day

In Case Studies, posted Dec 30, 2019

I was put in touch with Elizabeth who lives in Los Angeles and who was struggling with day to day life. She outwardly had it all and yet inwardly was emotionally empty, lonely and lost. Her childhood had been difficult and she was left with a legacy of resentment, guilt, shame and a deep sadness. These feelings had been shut away in mental compartments to resurface at the most unexpected and inappropriate times. She had, at the age of 60 all but written off ever having a really happy balanced life. Her thoughts were that she probably didn't deserve happiness anyway. 

I reached out to her and offered to help her sort out her life in just one day. She was absolutely disbelieving and really only agreed to see me as a gesture of commitment to her wife in trying something else. Her wife had been worrying about her for ages and trying to get her to change her behaviour. They had reached a very shaky patch in their 30 year relationship and things weren't looking good for either of them. 

Elizabeth was finding every day a struggle. She had gone from being a super successful commercial real estate broker to becoming reclusive and venting her opinions on social media. These opinions were forged from her values being trampled over by people she didn't even know. Comments made by others had gone right into her soul like arrows and awoken the sense of injustice she had grown up harbouring.She had been in therapy and tried numerous ways to combat her feelings of anger and sadness.  

 I flew over to meet her and this was one very sad and one very bitter lady. She was stressed out, hostile and pacing the floor when I arrived so we started our day with coffee and her telling me all about her life.This is always the hardest part of the day, yet in some ways the most cathartic as Elizabeth found out. She said that when she started talking she could not later remember some of what she talked about! She was amazed that the same things she spoke about later on were not tinged with any of the previous negativity.

When I had a clear picture of what was going on in her head and how she had arrived at this, I used a bespoke mix of therapeutic talking, hypnosis and NLP to guide her through her recovery. She particularly enjoyed her hypnosis session and meeting the young version of herself, so much so that I let her stay in that moment for a good while. She had lots to say to that young girl and to see her come through the dark into light with herself was truly magical.

We finished Elizabeth's day with a Time Line Therapy™ session, which I am fully licensed to practice. This is the 'mothership' of NLP techniques and we Master practitioners use it to clear out all unwarranted negative emotions from our mental stash. Even the emotions we had locked away and forgotten about are brought to light and melted away. This is an unbelievably powerful technique and we believe it clears out bad stuff like nothing else!

Elizabeth's wife arrived home to find us sharing a beer and happily chatting about their Thanksgiving plans. Elizabeth said that she would like to tell everyone about her experience and that it would be "scandalous" not to. Her word exactly.  

I have stayed in touch with her and she is absolutely enjoying her life and hearing the joy in her words is fantastic. Thank you Elizabeth for allowing me to share your experience of your transformational breakthrough day with me.

Elizabeth agreed to say a few words about her day. Follow the link below to see her. 


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