Are you two faced?

In News, posted Jul 9, 2020

Are you two faced? Do you have a professional looking, keep it all together, in control, calm sort of face?

That’s the face you’ll show the world, right? 

What about your other face? What about the face which is etched with stress, strain, worry, lack of confidence and low self esteem?

That's the face you’re probably not showing anyone, right? 


❇️ Which of your faces is most comfortable to wear? 

❇️ How much time and effort do you spend preparing your outside face?

❇️ What would happen if you let your inner face show?

❇️ How do you manage those negative feelings and limiting beliefs which show on your face?

 O.K. So that ‘s the bad bit.

Now, here's the good bit! 

⭐️ What would happen if you ditched your emotional baggage and those limiting beliefs?

⭐️ How would you feel if you didn't have to put on another face?

⭐️ How liberating would it be for you to make sense of your bad stuff and get rid of it? 

⭐️ How powerful would it be to be in control of how you want this to happen? 


Now for a tiny taste of NLP! 


✅ Think about a moment in time when you weren’t weighed down with worry and negativity. Just take a moment to put yourself back in that moment.

✅ You will have a picture of where you were and who was there with you, if anyone.

✅ What can you see?

✅ What can you hear?

✅ What feeling are you getting? 

✅ How would you like to feel this good, whenever you want? 


If you have felt this fabulous at any time in your life, and you know you have, there is no reason why you can’t feel it again! 

If you are looking to keep hold of your other face and all of the negativity which goes with it, then it won’t benefit you to get in touch with me. 

However, if it sounds great to clear away all of your emotional debris once and for all, then it might well be the best investment you ever make in yourself. 

I offer a rapid Transformation Breakthrough Day during which you will let go of everything which weighs you down and you will craft the kind of tomorrow which fills you with positivity and a clear vision for your future. 

This is a big life changing day and one which will set you up for more than you dreamed possible! 

What have you got to lose? Ah yes, you will lose your negativity, lack of confidence, low self esteem, unwarranted anger. 

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