Demon Busting. Lets Do It Together.

In News, posted Jan 16, 2019

We are into January and the start of a New Year. Everywhere we look we see images of super slim, super fit, happy smiley people. These same people could be casually flicking through holiday brochures, confident that they will be sporting their beach wear with style. This perception is very different to how most of us feel. We generally feel rubbish that we've overindulged yet again and that the new year brings with it another uphill struggle to try and shift that imaginary bag of potatoes sitting around our middles. 

Self deprecation is unhelpful and comes hand in hand with self limiting beliefs. We look at ourselves with critical eyes and this can lead to self loathing and a skewed image of how we really are. The person who can big up friends and loved ones can quickly turn on themselves like their own worst enemy. Looking in the mirror and hating what you see is a common symptom of low self esteem. How sad is this? 

Low self esteem and lack of confidence are so easily fed by things we allow to get us down. For example we can hide away telling ourselves that we don't enjoy socialising anyway. This is an avoidance technique which feels safer than trying out social situations. The person who thinks they may be judged or made unwelcome finds it easier to stay at home. This perception is skewed and unhelpful but as the anxiety grows it becomes harder to break out of this routine and try out new things, such as social situations.

Over eating, drinking too much or using recreational drugs all give a quick fix followed by a period of feeling low. The body responds to this by calling for more and more of the quick fix stuff in an attempt to keep the buzz feelings going. This is damaging not only to the body but to the mind. Our feelings of confidence start to dwindle as our need for more and more stimulation grows. We lose control of our choices and give in to feeding our cravings. Insomnia is another by product of feeling out of control. Tossing and turning into the early hours while worrying about everything is debilitating and exhausting. Its no surprise that the next day we give in to our cravings to try and make up for our lack of sleep. Its a vicious and relentless cycle, which gets worse and worse as time passes. 

There is a solution to this and I offer support to find this solution. I enable my clients to look at themselves in a new way and challenge their self limiting beliefs. We then work on demolishing the demons and building a new set of positive thoughts about themselves. As their confidence grows, which it will, we go on to build a solid plan for making more helpful choices and a brighter future. 

We will look behind the scenes at what is going on inside the mind. We will eradicate triggers and put in place calming anchors. We will look at how you would like your future to look and work towards shaping these ambitions. If restful sleep is a struggle to achieve we will work together to get on top of this too. We will get you breathing therapeutically and able to enjoy refreshing sleep. 

Can you imagine the powerful and liberating feeling of being in control of your choices? Its right there in front of you. Let me help you to shape the mirror image of however you want to be.  

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