How will you know when you are there?

In News, posted Feb 2, 2019

Setting out on a journey without a destination could be wonderfully liberating and exciting if you've no time restraints and no real desire to get anywhere in particular. The same probably can't be said for most of us who have tried to embark on a journey of change in our lives. It is easier to look at what we don't want than what we do want. This is simply because looking at what we don't want is based on evidence and there is no personal evidence yet for creating a new path. The path ahead is built on learned behaviour which isn't at all helpful if we have tried things before and not enjoyed a positive outcome. The answer to changing an outcome for a better outcome is to change the way we do things. We will never get a different result if we don't do something differently along the way. Unlearning unhelpful thoughts and behaviour is something we need to do before we can move on with our thoughts of a positive new way forward. 

I hate my job but what if I leave and then I hate my new job? 

I am really unhappy in this relationship but how do I know I'll be happy alone or in a new relationship?  

I want to be thinner but know I won't be able to keep the weight off.

I want to move home but don't know if this will make me happy.

I'm bereft and lonely but even if my partner wasn't good to me it was better than this, wasn't it? 

These are just a few of the dilemmas that derail us if we start to think deeply about them. The question is that derailing needn't be all bad. It simply means that when we are derailed we need to look for an alternative way to proceed. Our wheels may have come off the tracks which we are familiar with but if we look around there are always other tracks to clamber on to.

When I am coaching clients who are stuck in their situations,  I ask the same simple questions.  

1. Why now? What is happening in your world right now which is causing you anxiety and unhappiness?

2. What do you want the outcome to be, regardless of how you get there?

3. How will you know when you are there and how will you measure your success?      

These are the 3 golden questions which I help clients to work through. We look at the entire picture of how you are feeling right here and right now. I then use a combination of powerful therapeutic talking, NLP and where appropriate, relaxation hypnosis to help facilitate your journey through from a place of negativity to one with a positive outcome.  

Imagine exploring possibilities without constraints and then after enjoying some coaching being able to answer  the question "Are we nearly there yet?"  The answer to this will be firmly in your hands to do what you want with.

Sound promising? Drop me a message or call me and let me open your mind to opportunity. 

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