Anxiety and help with it while on the move in Salisbury

In News, posted Jul 3, 2019

How many times have you sat on the Salisbury bus filled with anxiety and feeling all of it's unpleasant symptoms? For bus you can substitute car, boat, train or airplane. Pretty much wherever you are I can help you to understand, manage and master your anxiety. All you need is a phone and some internet connection and we can work together face to face. When I say work I mean chat! 

I can help you with exploring how your anxiety affects you and how to overcome this. You don't have to visit me in one of the tranquil therapy rooms I use, but if you want to that's great too. Being outside is something else we can do as I help you to learn how to relax. Walking therapy around Salisbury is a calming experience and gives an added perspective to our sessions. I specialise in giving you back calm, relaxation and getting you back in control of your life, wherever you may be.

I work with clients in North America and we make good use of FaceTime and WhatsApp video calls. So you see that you really don’t need to be in Salisbury and sitting in my therapy room. 

Anxiety is a natural feeling which will keep us safe from harm. Just thinking about running across a train track should make us anxious. We have inbuilt safety alerts which are useful until they start to grow out of control. 

Anxiety in overload is the most draining condition as we are experiencing all of the unpleasant symptoms with no benefit. Sleeplessness, agitation, sweating, dry mouth and feelings of helplessness all add together to make us miserable and feeling unable to cope with life. We fall into a cycle of feeling overly anxious which leads to being unable to think straight. This then leads to a lack of confidence and this makes us even more anxious. This will go on and on until the cycle is broken.

I can help you break this cycle and tackle your anxiety. Together we will get you back feeling the better about yourself and filled with hope for a brighter future. You will learn how to relax and how to look at things in a different way. How good would it feel to get back in control of your negative emotions? 

If you are weighed down by bags of anxiety then drop me a line or give me a call. Anxiety doesn’t stop work for the weekend so neither do I.

I have daytime evening and weekend appointments.

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